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About us

Drop o'Clock is a premium reselling group designed to turn you into an experienced, knowledgeable, and successful reseller. We offer top-notch monitors that cover 100+ sites including Yeezy Supply, Shopify sites, Retail sites, and many more. Additionally, we curate release guides, lowkey flips, NFTs, and everything in between. Whether you are a seasoned botter or a novice manual user, our expert staff members are online 24/7 to assist you with any questions.

Our Features

Features available in website

1 on 1 support

Drop o'Clock also offers private 1 on 1 voice chat appointments for those looking to go into more depth.

SMS Notifications

Tired of missing shock drops? Drop o'Clock will text you whenever there is an important shock drop coming up!

Restock Monitors

Blazing fast monitors for hundreds of sites, with ATC links. Never miss another drop.

Stock Numbers

Get exact stock numbers for every footsite release, SNKRS releases and Adidas Confirmed drops.

Release Guides

Get all of your questions about a drop answered in one of Drop o'Clock's many in depth release guides.

Botting Assistance

Don't know what a bot is? Not sure how to use one? Already an experienced botter, but want to know more? Our expert staff team has you covered.

Retail Cops

Interested in more than just shoes? Drop o'Clock provides info on profitable retail drops including, but not limited to PS5, Xbox Series X, GPUs and much more.

NFT Flips

Want to know more about NFTs? Our members are making THOUSANDS every week on our calls. There has never been a better time to learn and profit from NFTs.


What is Drop o’Clock?

Drop o'Clock is a cook group designed to help you purchase more shoes, clothes, collectibles, electronics, NFTs and more! Our goal is to turn you in to an experienced and knowledgable reseller. We cater to all whether you’re a manual user or botter; We teach our members how to purchase manually as well as how to set up and use various bots across hundreds of sites. Whether you want to become a better reseller, or expand your personal inventory, Drop o'Clock is the place for you.

How much is Drop o’Clock?

Drop o'Clock is $30 a month. You may cancel anytime on our dashboard.

Is Drop o'Clock a bot?

NO. Drop o'Clock is not a bot. We are a cook group. We offer groupbuys for popular bots, and have in depth guides on how to purchase, set up and use bots.

Do I need a bot to join?

No, you do not need a bot to join. We have hundreds of members who are wildly successful without bots. However, if you want to start hitting a high volume of items on single drops, you will want to invest in one. If interested, our staff will guide you on how to get started with botting.

Do you offer ACO?

Yes, we do offer ACO (auto-checkout). Our staff members take your information, and run it in their bots to cop shoes, clothes and other collectibles for you. This is just one aspect of DoC, and most members do not rely on it for all of their purchases.

Is Drop o'Clock beginner friendly?

Yes! We provide weekly voice chats and guides to help new members get educated on how to get started with reselling, botting, and more. Some staff started out as members knowing nothing and now cop hundreds of pairs!

Can I leave and join back at a later date?

Old members are always welcomed back anytime! Just send us a DM on Instagram to join back.

Where is Drop o'Clock based?

We are based in the US and primarily only provide US info. However, members outside of the US can definitely take advantage of our NFT info.


User Testimonial


I’ve been in DoC for about a year and a half. I joined in late 2020 and I was a junior in college. The very first day I joined, I copped a pair of EE shorts and essentially made back the money I paid for the monthly subscription + profit to spare. This has been the case for every month I’ve been in here. The group pays for itself when you utilize the information and help that’s given by the amazing staff. I mainly sell sneakers and streetwear but I’ve copped double digit consoles when they were really hot and multiple GPUs as well. One of the coolest things I can brag about is that I was able to pay my entire senior year college tuition and apartment rent on my own. I have nothing but Drop o’Clock to thank for allowing me to set myself up. The family atmosphere created in this group is something I cannot even put into words. People of all ages and backgrounds from all over the US and even the world coming together to help one another. I’m from the east coast and I’m moving out to the west coast after graduating school and I’ve already made plans to meet up with some friends in person who live out there. I am going to be reselling a lot less after I graduate but I will be staying in this discord for as long as it is around just because it has become my second family. Thank you for everything


Been in DoC for 2 years now. With the help and guidance of their amazing support staff I've been able to learn the ropes of reselling and able to elevate and scale my business. Thanks to their guides and constant support I've been able to generate a significant second income that allowed me to purchase a home. If you are looking for a great sneaker and reselling community at a great value then look no further than Drop O' Clock. Best investment you can make because not only do you end up making money and being profitable you also  end up connecting with some very weird but awesome people. DoC to the


If you are looking for a helpful community that will treat you like family, look no further then DOC! I’ve been a member here for years, and have been able to actually become a sneaker collector and grow my personal collection of rare items from a starting point of scratching my head and taking L’s on SNKRS. DOC has been a community that has allowed me to not only learn methods that help me expand my collection, but also add additional profit on drops that I would otherwise not know about on a weekly basis. Having been in a few different groups, I’ve never been in one were people are as quick to be friends and offer helpful advice. DOC to the moon, thank you for everyone that contributes to this wonderful community!! :pepedoc:


I've been in DOC for about a year and a half and I gotta say its the best 30 dollars you are gonna spend. As a full time athlete in college getting a normal job is not possible. Using all the resources that DOC gives has allowed me to earn 3k every month from my home. Being able to grow my business and always know that I am going to hit every release is thanks to DOC. Staff is amazing I still remember talking to @PaulT about buying prism and it has paid off tremendously. The community that has been created in DOC is one you won't find in any other group. DOC TO THE MOON :doc_salute: :pepedocflag: