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About Us

Drop o'Clock is here to turn you into an experienced, knowledgeable, and successful reseller. We offer top-notch monitors that cover 100+ sites including Supreme, Bape, Kith, and many more. Our expert staff members are online 24/7 to assist you with any questions about releases, bots, and anything else you might need help with. Furthermore, our administrative team is always working to get group buys with some of the most coveted bots on the market.

Our Features

US&EU support

Our experienced support team will be available to help you 1 on 1 at any time.

SMS Notifications

You can sign up to receive SMS notifications for shock drops and time-sensitive information.

Custom Monitors

Blazing fast monitors covering hundreds of sites including Shopify, Supreme, SNKRS, Footsites & more!

Lowkey Flips

Our staff are knowledgable and ready to give you brick flips and lowkey flips for easy money.

ACO Slots

Fill out an ACO form and our staff will purchase the item for you with our arsenal of bots.

Social Monitors

Extremely fast social monitors covering Twitter & Instagram to make sure you never miss another bot restock.

Early Links

Botters will never miss out. 100% accurate early links for Shopify sites, including Kith and many others.

Bot Rentals

Rent out bots with a 10% discount thanks to our partnership with Splash Station.


Frequently Asked Questions

Drop o’Clock is a group based on the application Discord which specialises in helping members acquire items which can then resell for a profit. This ranges from limited edition sneakers, to clothing, to collectible toys (e.g. Funko), and everything in between. Staff support is available through ticket systems where you will have our entire team’s attention in answering your questions, and through general chat channels. All money-making services offered in Drop o’Clock are strictly legal and we have a zero-tolerance policy on fraudulent methods.

  • Early Links (which can greatly improve checkout speed).
  • Fast Monitors (fastest publicly available monitors with customization features).
  • Site-lists and Raffle Lists.
  • Advanced guides.
  • Advice on buying bots, using them effectively, and observing the bot marketplace.

We charge $30 monthly through Stripe. To provide the high quality of resources we do, we have a large set of outgoing expenses to our numerous providers, staff and hosts. With the level of resources we have available, our price point is highly competitive.

From humble beginnings, we’re proud to have developed our group into an excellent resource for information and education. Our community is at the core of what we do, and it’s what makes Drop o’Clock what it is. We get to know our members on an individual basis, have regular voice chats and help our users develop their skills over time. We don’t see our members as bunch of numbers, rather a group of individuals keen on making money through reselling items and who are willing to learn to improve their abilities to make profit.

We want you to make the most of your subscription. We are here to help you, and it should be your expectation that we will do our best to help improve your chances at securing limited items to resell. This being said, it is our expectation that members will take an active stance in the group. We recommend members engage in chat as much as possible, ask questions, and spend time reading our guides. No one begins knowing everything, and the process of being able to consistently secure limited items takes time and education. Success in our group comes from a successful partnership of members taking an active stance, and from our staff and resources providing you with what you need.



I joined DoC roughly a year and a half ago and shortly after I joined, I actually set a calendar reminder to cancel my subscription here but i'm so glad I forgot to cancel. I came in with a little bit of knowledge but all I knew was how to manual supreme and enter SNKRs and now with the help of the staff members as well as the community within this group I was able to expand my knowledge and pass it down to some members who were in the same boat as me a year ago. Within the year or so in this group I was able to afford a PC, a few top performing bots, as well as some personal stuff for myself, my friends, and my family. I was also able to make a ton of friends in here whether they live in the same area as me or live across the country. The experience I gained from this group was fun as well. Whether it was staying up late in a voice call to set up with a few friends or the early morning calls and hearing everyone scream after checking out. This definitely made my sneaker experience not only successful but also fun.


When I first joined DoC, I didn’t have enough money to buy a bot and was clueless about how bots worked. However, I used DoC’s helpful manual tips and release guides to cop multiple hyped releases, like Jordan 1s, and saved up enough money to invest in my first bot. Thanks to Doc’s 1 on 1 appointment system, I was able to get personalized guidance on how to successfully setup and run my bot effectively. With a helpful support team and a friendly community, I’ve been able to start a successful reselling business and build some great connections.


I joined Drop o' Clock knowing absolutely nothing about sneakers. Within my first week as a member of DOC, I was able to secure Off-White MCA's with the help and guidance of the staff team. After manualling most releases for the next 6 months, I decided to start botting. At first, it wasn't easy. I admit in the beginning I purchased multiple wrong items with NSB, but with perseverance, learning, guides, and support all from Drop O Clock, I was able to use NSB to get over 30 pairs of shoes in a span of 3 months. As I became a better botter, I upgraded my bots, renting PD and Kodai AIO which greatly helped and allowed me to secure over 70 pairs of shoes in only another 3 months. Although DOC has been my go to cookgroup, it is much more than that. I have made lots of friends and shared many fun and exciting experiences with fellow members that I am sure to remember.